16 Nov

Figma has many advantages over other design tools, such as real-time collaboration, platform independence, browser accessibility, design sharing, commenting, and versioning. 
Now the question arrives why UI designers use Figma ?  Figma can improve your working style and improve workflow and creativity in business. Lets understand why a designer work on figma.
 Here are some of the reasons why UI designers use Figma:
 Real-time collaboration: Figma tool helps designer to work with your team members and stakeholders in actual-time, also a designer can work on figma without installing software and share and sycn files easily also send updates. However best part is that you can see the changes made by others easily,  also you can chat, comment, and give feedback within the tool.
Platform independence: A platform which work independently and works on any device and  operating system, as long as you have a browser and good internet connection. 
Browser accessibility: You can simply use by opening a link and start design. And you can also share your designs with anyone, even if they don't use Figma account, by sharing them a link.
 Commenting and versioning: Figma allows you to add comments and review to your designs, also you had advantage to see the history and versions of your past designs. Although designer  can communicate with your team and stakeholders, and also keep track of the changes and feedback
Ease of use: Figma is designed for ui which is simple to explore and learn. It has a clean and minimal interface, with a drag-and-drop functionality, and a context-sensitive toolbar
 Power and flexibility: Figma software is also designed to be flexible, with a lot of advance tools and features that provides creative designs and customize design elements, For example shapes, text, images, and vectors. 
Figma is a part and bone of ui/ux course, this designing tool helps to design and create your creativity and apply on user interface, Figma has become important and useful in designing. 
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